Authentic Tie-On African Waistbeads

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African Waist Beads

Celebrate, manifest, and watch your waist with our authentic African Waist Beads. Traditional in West Africa, waist beads are used for everything from self-empowerment, manifesting, attracting a mate to watching your figure. Imported from African merchants, our waist beads are handmade and come in 55” long strands to fit most body types (longer strands can be custom ordered) for you to tie around your body comfortably. 

Tie-on waist beads are semi-permanent, so they are meant to be worn 24/7. Yes, you can sleep and shower in them! Know when to adjust your diet. Tie them high and watch them fall as your waistline shrinks, and be mindful of your diet, as they will tighten if your wait is expanding.

Remember, every color tells a story, and you can share your very own story using the color wheel down below.

You can even use the excess strand to create trendy bracelets and anklets. 

  • 55in/139.7cm strands
  • Tie-on (Semi-permanent)
  • Waist management
  • Adornment
  • Body positivity
  • Manifesting
  • Imported