How do I wash it?

Washing instructions can be found on our website under in the product description.  

What will the Goddess Band do for me?

Enhance your thermogenics during your workout and increases your sweat output

Sweating helps to release toxins from your body and in turn can help to boost your immune system

Can I wear this all day?

Goddess Band -YES – however this is a fitness product and is designed to be worn during fitness


Inko Double Belt Band- Needs to be broken in. It should fit snug but not too tight. You should be able to breath comfortably and move around normally free of pain or trouble breathing. We recommend wearing an hour or two to start and gradually increasing your wear time up to 8 hours.

Can I wear this under my clothes

Designed to be worn over clothes during fitness activities the Goddess Band is made of high quality neoprene which is thick and will be bulky under clothing.


The Inko double band waist trainer can be worn over clothes. Please use at your discretion. 

Can I return this product

In concern for the safety of our employees and consumers all items are not returnable. Please use our size guides and calculators to determine the correct size before ordering.  If your product is defective please email customer service at hello@shopgorgeousgoddess.com

How do I know what size to buy?

Please follow our product size guides and calculators to determine your size. For the Goddess Band you will need your waist and thigh measurements.

How long will it take to ship the product?

Upon order confirmation your product will ship from our warehouse within 3 business days.  In the event your order is on backorder you will be notified in a separate email. Please allow extra time as we have been experiencing delays to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How long before I start seeing results?

Like any product results will vary based on the individual and will be impacted by frequency of use, diet and lifestyle.